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Accept the QDOBA Burrito Mile Challenge!

QDOBA Burrito Mile Challenge Milwaukee Marathon

Do you have what it takes to run The QDOBA Burrito Mile?

Accept the challenge by entering promo code “QDOBA" on the Mile race registration page. On the day of the Mile race (October 14, 2017), follow the steps below and give it your best shot! You'll receive a free burrito as fuel for the attempt, and finishers get a coupon for another free burrito at a less strenuous time.

Step 1: Eat a delicious burrito prior to the mile race
Step 2: Run the mile race
Step 3: Maintain composure throughout the mile race
Step 4: Receive a coupon for a free QDOBA Burrito upon completion

The Mile Race will be held entirely on the grounds of the Harley-Davidson Museum. The course is flat, and starts and finishes in the same place.

Register for the race here.

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